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I'm writing this with Tears in my Eyes

Submitted by Leo Klein on Wed, 6/9/10 (11:18am)

Please, people, stop sending me this crap email spam! You say you were all mugged in a park near your hotel in Wales? Congratulations!

Who knew that Wales was such a dangerous place? But in any case, you also say you're all stuck there now? What's wrong with that? I'd love to be stuck in Wales!

So stop sending me this crap email spam! Just calm down -- all of you -- and enjoy the place!


by Daniel on Sun, 10/10/10 (6:18pm)

They aren't spamming you. They got hit with a virus that robbed their address book. I know,I got hit with that too.

by Leo Klein on Sun, 10/10/10 (6:59pm)

Sorry you got hit with this. It's the virus that's spamming me of course -- with a pretty silly message.