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Moon Landing in Eagle River, Wisc. (1969)

Submitted by Leo Klein on Wed, 7/16/14 (2:01pm)

The lunar landing in 1969 -- I remember it well. We were kids hanging out at Camp McCormick in Eagle River, Wisc. There in the darkness, under a star-lit sky, sitting on a hill overlooking the pine forests and lakes and streams of northern Wisconsin's 'Land O'Lakes', we listened on our portable radio -- TV not being allowed in summer camp -- as the Apollo 11 astronauts made their landing. When it happened and Armstrong said those famous words, we jumped up and cheered.


by Linda (Wodyn) Young on Wed, 2/24/16 (4:10pm)

I was a Junior Counseler there then.
It was awesome.

by Leo Klein on Wed, 2/24/16 (6:18pm)

Wow, ancient greetings! Any idea what 'cabin' you were in?

by Linda (Wodyn) Young on Wed, 2/24/16 (9:21pm)

I was in a small cabin taking care of about 6 girls. (I was supposed to work for a Sr Counselor, but they had an extra small cabin and Mr. Heid appointed me as a counselor for the girls.)
One was named Lynn Beam. There was Clara from Switzerland and her brother was at camp too.
My boyfriend was Andrew Patzke, one of the dishwashers.
What cabin were you in?

by Leo Klein on Fri, 3/4/16 (8:54pm)

Sorry for the delay and thanks for responding.

In 1969 I was probably in the 'Scouts' cabin. I became a "counselor" in 1972.

by Linda Young on Sat, 8/6/16 (10:44pm)

That was a great camp.
I am sure I saw you at activities or in
the mess hall.

by Leo Klein on Tue, 8/23/16 (7:51pm)

Best place for a kid from the midwest!

by Joel Lauer on Mon, 12/5/16 (9:33pm)

Best 2 summers of my life. I was an Iroquois, in a cabin with my rival Keith Breyer. Mr. Mack was our leader. This is where I learned to ride, sail, amongst many more things. My sister won the best camper in 66. Headdress and all. Wonder where that plaque is.

by Leo Klein on Sun, 12/25/16 (12:36pm)

Yup, Mr. Mac -- was a sports coach (I think) at Bateman during the school year. His cabin was for the 'warriors'.