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Kindle-Schmindle and the Art of Shm-reduplication

Submitted by Leo Klein on Thu, 10/15/09 (11:09am)

People have written in a couple of times asking about my use of language in the post "Kindle Schmindle".

One person asked me what 'schmindle' meant or whether it's a "yiddish joke". Another praised me for "correct Yiddoshy slang" though they wondered whether the correct version was 'SCHM___' or 'SCHW___'

Since I want to spare myself having to say, 'of course it's a yiddish joke, haven't you ever heard it on tv?, I actually looked the thing up.

And wouldn't you know, there's a Wikipedia Page on it called, "Shm-reduplication". The page explains:

"The construction is generally used to indicate irony, derision or s[k]epticism with respect to comments about the discussed object..."

So all I can say is, thank you Wikipedia for this service to humanity!



by Misty Mays on Thu, 10/15/09 (12:21pm)

wikepedia has a page for Everything!

by Leo Klein on Thu, 10/15/09 (1:02pm)

It serves a necessary function.