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Back in Chicago - I Couldn't Resist

Submitted by Leo Klein on Mon, 5/27/13 (1:11pm)

Taking the Blue line home from O'Hare I couldn't resist getting off at Western Ave. which put me within a couple of blocks of Honey 1 BBQ. It was a Sunday and they were closing at any minute but I had just enough time to order (and partially devour) an extra-large order of rib tips. Mama mia, Chicago has its advantages!



by David on Sat, 7/13/13 (6:57pm)

I like Honey-1. I am a hot link fan. Honey-1 just might be the best on the Northside that I have had. That said, my favorite is Lem's on 3XX E 75th St. Leon's can work in a pinch. I go to the one on Archer, just West of Kedzie a few blocks, since 79th St. and Fullerton/Ashland closed. I don't know if 82nd/Cottage is still open.

I am sure you had a good meal. Have you been to Smokin' Woody's on Lincoln? They used to have a place that was called Calvin's on Armitage that is now 90 miles? (Cuban food). It was really good.

by Leo Klein on Fri, 7/19/13 (3:21pm)

I used to love that place. A couple of things happened with Calvin eventually moving to another location and then him having health issues which forced him to leave Chicago. Alas, no more. Best rib tops in Chicago.