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3 Generations of Smart Phones

Submitted by Leo Klein on Sun, 9/9/12 (7:53pm)

Cingular 8525 (2006), HTC Fuze (2008), Samsung Galaxy SIII (2012).


by Stephen Francoeur on Sun, 9/9/12 (9:01pm)

Are you sure that the Samsung model isn't one of those phancy phablets that so many are phantasizing about lately?

by Leo Klein on Sun, 9/9/12 (9:12pm)

Good point. When I forgot my laptop at work over the recent holiday, the thing did serve as a kind of 'phablet'.

Funny, I waited 4 years to buy the latest model -- it's quite an improvement in almost everything I use it for (with the possible exception of indoor shots which tend to be grainy).