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Distinguished Guest in Library

Submitted by Leo Klein on Sun, 12/4/16 (11:46am)

Welcoming distinguished guest in town for the holidays.


At the Reference Desk with an Eye on a Couple of Things

Submitted by Leo Klein on Thu, 11/3/16 (10:29am)

Wednesday evening. Seventh game of the 2016 World Series. Audio was off but we could take a peek at the video every once and a while if only to check the score.


The Gift to Be Indexing

Submitted by Leo Klein on Sat, 10/29/16 (11:21am)

Indexing? It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it. That said, I largely agree with the sentiment expressed below. I guess the way I would express it isn't "reflecting how the reader thinks" so much as establishing categories (or stepping stones?) of content that the reader can then plow through.

The role of the index in digital products has become a subject of heated debate when information professionals gather to formalize standards. Some publishers and authors are under the misguided impression that a full-text search can replace the traditional subject index. The American Society for Indexing (ASI) has spent the last few years reminding the world that a good index is not just a concordance; it adds value to a digital object beyond the basic word search. An index created by a good indexer reflects how the reader thinks and offers entry points that may not be written in the text. With increased attention on analytics and search, there is also a strong argument to be made that indexes are more important for digital publications than print ones.

Badgett, Nan. Medford, NJ. "A Review of "The Accidental Indexer", Information Today, 2015, 240 pp.


Yabba Dabba Doo!

Submitted by Leo Klein on Sat, 10/22/16 (10:32pm)

Go Cubs!


Lost in Space

Submitted by Leo Klein on Thu, 10/13/16 (10:13am)

Yesterday's stroll through the southwest side of Chicago. Finally found Ogden and Western (though when I got there, I had to ask what way was north).


Current Cites for Sept. 2016

Submitted by Leo Klein on Sat, 10/1/16 (10:55am)

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Current Cites for Sept. 2016 is out! You can find the issue here...

This month I recommended a helpful article from the Journal of Web Librarianship that discussed the use of Google Analytics to improve library website design.

First Saturday of the New School Year 2016

Submitted by Leo Klein on Mon, 9/12/16 (10:40pm)

Annual photo with Jim from Access Services.


First Seven Jobs

Submitted by Leo Klein on Mon, 8/22/16 (10:09am)

Okay, since everyone's doing it:

  1. Sales Assistant (Radio Shack, Chicago) - 16 yrs old.
  2. Print Shop / Mimeograph Machine (Small indy business selling mailing lists on magnetic tape*, Playboy Tower, Chicago) - High School.
  3. Customer Service, Credit Dept. (Carson, Pirie, Scott, Downtown Chicago) - College.
  4. English Teacher (Year Abroad Program, Paris) - Post-College.
  5. Manager, Hot Dog Stand (Fullerton Ave. Beach, Chicago).
  6. English Teacher (Rome, later West Berlin).
  7. Construction/Rehab Worker (West Berlin).

*Computer storage 70s style [source]:

Current Cites for July 2016

Submitted by Leo Klein on Tue, 8/2/16 (6:37pm)

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Current Cites for July 2016 is out! You can find the issue here...

This month I recommended an article describing an innovative 'beacon-based' navigation system which opened with this excellent piece of advice, " with other technologies before it, usefulness does not magically emerge from implementing new technology; rather, it is the culmination of a comprehensive plan for merging technical know-how with business knowledge or user-generated content."

Chicago FestWeekend

Submitted by Leo Klein on Sat, 6/11/16 (8:32pm)

Three days of incredible events:

  • RibFest on Friday, 6/10
  • LitFest on Saturday, 6/11
  • Blues Fest on Sunday, 6/12