At the Ref Desk (4/6/21): Getting a lot of nice thank-you's this evening... #ChatReference #NationalLibraryWeek [more...]
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At Today's Zoom Get-together...

Submitted by Leo Klein on Sun, 4/4/21 (8:44pm)

Great get-together with colleagues and old friends!


New Year's Party -- via Zoom (of course).

Submitted by Leo Klein on Fri, 1/1/21 (10:25pm)

Had a great time with old friends (along with laptop, iPad, face-mask, cassette player, cellphone, can of beer and burnt pizza ...)


Doh-Doh Librarian

Submitted by Leo Klein on Thu, 11/5/20 (7:29pm)

So I wake up and look at the clock. Holy sh*t -- it's 6 o'clock! That's the start of my evening shift for chat reference! I rush into my workroom, turn on the computer, hook up to the library web-service page. Whew, that was close! Funny thing is, nobody else is hooked in. Huh? Usually at least someone from the earlier shift hangs around till you get settled. So where is everyone? I check out the time at the bottom of the computer screen. Just a couple minutes past 6 -- that's not bad! Then I notice something else: it's am at the moment -- not pm. Opps!

Update: Same thing happened a couple weeks later (12/1) only this time it was '5 o'clock' when I woke up. 5 o'clock? No problem! Shift doesn't begin till 6pm -- I had an hour! On the radio I was expecting NPR's evening show, 'All Things Considered'. Instead what I got was 'Morning Edition'. Okay, I get it...


Ballot Delivery Boy

Submitted by Leo Klein on Mon, 10/19/20 (6:27pm)

#BallotDeliveryBoy : At the Cook County Election Board Office, 69 W. Washington St., Chicago.


Nice Fall Day (2020)

Submitted by Leo Klein on Tue, 10/13/20 (10:20pm)

Nice fall day. Leaves in bloom(?). Roscoe walking north on Sheridan (Chicago).


Hey, That's Me in That Rock Video from the 1980s!

Submitted by Leo Klein on Tue, 9/15/20 (12:06am)

I probably knew about this at the time (1987) and just plain forgot but yes, that’s me on the left. It's a brief appearance in the 'official music video' by well-known rock band 'Faith No More' in their tune, Anne's Song. I happened to know Anne and hung out with her and a whole bunch of other very interesting people during my one-year stay in NYC*.

Here's some background info from the FaithNoMore website: Faith No More released their second single Anne's Song 30 Years Ago!.

Here’s the YouTube video: "Faith No More - Anne's Song (Official Music Video)". (I appear at around 1:50.)
* For the record, I returned to Berlin at the end of the year, staying there till Reunification in 1990 -- at which point, I returned to Manhattan for more than a decade.


1st Reference Session of the School Year

Submitted by Leo Klein on Wed, 9/9/20 (10:47pm)

First reference session (chat) of the school year! [Note: public access to library not yet possible. Everything done remotely from home.]


After Reference, Take a Dip!

Submitted by Leo Klein on Wed, 8/26/20 (7:51pm)

Things to do immediately after your library shift (chat reference in my case): Hit the beach!


Current Cites for July 2020 (Final)

Submitted by Leo Klein on Sat, 8/1/20 (3:08am)

go to Current Cites
Current Cites for July 2020 is out! You can find the issue here...

The issue is noteworthy for a couple of reasons: first that well-known library star Roy Tennant was ending his decade-long record as editor. My contribution was the featuring of two articles, one a snapshot of life as librarians in this age of COVID-19 and the other an interesting review of information literacy from the 1970s till now.

In addition, I'll be joining Roy in concluding my decade-long contribution. More and more my interests and activities are in library reference. Less tech and more public service -- that's the ticket! So bye-bye Current Cites! It's been a good -- very good -- run!


End of the World! Binny's Closed!

Submitted by Leo Klein on Mon, 6/1/20 (11:47am)

Binny's Closed! Now what?

Update (6/3/2020): "Binny’s Pledges to Reopen 11 Damaged Stores" (Sun-Times)

Update (6/11/2020): Yup, got drinks for the weekend!