At the Ref Desk (1/22/20): Student came over this evening and thanked us for all the help we gave him. Nice. [more...]

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Title Date Author Source
12/27/19 Ryan F. Mandelbaum Gizmodo
10/23/19 Brigham Fay MIT News
9/13/19 Stephanie Zimmermann Sun-Times
8/18/19 Louis Menand New Yorker
3/7/19 Jason Cooper Ariadne
3/5/19 Danny Palmer ZDNet
12/30/18 Timothy B. Lee Ars Technica
10/11/18 David Kramer Physics Today
7/27/18 Matthew Beedham The Next Web
5/12/18 Kai Stinchcombe The Next Web
3/14/18 Casey Newton The Verge
3/1/18 Aaron Smith, Monica Anderson Pew Research Center
1/11/18 Simon van Zuylen-Wood Washington Post
1/5/17 Nicholas Economides Wired
11/2/16 n/a Fast Company