At the Ref Desk (5/22/18): Got an IM request explaining in great detail (several sentences in fact) what kind of article the person was looking for. Only thing missing -- the topic. Oh well... [more...]

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Title Date Author Source
5/12/18 Kai Stinchcombe The Next Web
3/14/18 Casey Newton The Verge
3/1/18 Aaron Smith, Monica Anderson Pew Research Center
1/11/18 Simon van Zuylen-Wood Washington Post
1/5/17 Nicholas Economides Wired
11/2/16 n/a Fast Company
10/20/16 Lena Groeger ProPublica
10/2/16 John McCumber Chronicle of Higher Education
6/17/16 Glyn Moody Ars Technica
6/13/16 Tekla S. Perry IEEE Spectrum
5/31/16 Shaun Bent Medium
4/28/16 Donald A. Barclay Conversation US
4/17/16 John Herrman New York Times
4/12/16 n/a Deutsche Welle
3/29/16 Daniel Wainwright, Paul Bradshaw, Pete Sherlock, Antia Geada BBC